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Construction information

The ultimate goal of Skyline Residence is to give its residents a living space that considers their needs to the smallest details and guarantees high-quality indoor climate. These principles are upheld in all stages, including the construction stage.

Structure of the building

Foundation. The structure of floor 0 is envisaged to be a monolithic reinforced concrete basin. The foundation for posts and load-bearing walls is built on natural limestone through a load-bearing panel.

Load-bearing structure. Mainly made of monolithic reinforced concrete.

Exterior walls. The exterior walls are generally made of thermopanels as an insulated low-weight structure, covered with fibre cement boards that have rendering on the outside and plasterboard on the inside.

Roof. The roof-ceilings of the towers are built on a base of reinforced concrete boards covered with rigid mineral wool boards, which are also used to construct the slope of the roof. Hydroisolation and a layer of gravel aggregate are used on the boards, and then covered with stone panels.

Ceilings. made of monolithic reinforced concrete.

Stairs. Mainly made of monolithic reinforced concrete.

Balconies. The steel skeleton framing is covered with reinforced concrete boards, the sides and the front edge are glass.

Exterior doors. Glass doors in aluminium profile.

Front doors for apartments. Wooden doors covered with veneer.

Windows. Inward-opening triple-glazed wood windows.

Interior walls. Plasterboard walls on steel profiles. The walls between apartments are made from prefabricated reinforced concrete panels.

Utility systems

Heating. The heating system of the building is based on district heating. Underfloor hydronic heating systems are constructed in the apartments.

Ventilation. Each apartment has its own ventilation unit. The developer has used factory-made units in an isolated shell, equipped with filters, ventilators, counter-flow heat recovery and an electric calorifier. Exhausted air and extraction vents in kitchens are equipped with roof ventilators.

Cooling. A local cooling system is planned for floors 12 and 13. A separate multi-split air conditioning unit is installed in each apartment.

TV connection. TV connection and RJ45; 4×16 A, 230 V in a four-gang frame. One socket in each room for cleaning. Two-gang sockets near beds and computer tables. A recessed socket for the balcony. The washrooms and hallways of the apartments come with recessed light fittings.

The building has a phone and data connection system, an automatic fire alarm system and an intercom system. The readings from electricity meters are collected in the floors’ switchboards. Readiness to install a separate alarm system will be created for all apartments and offices.